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do you ever have trouble focusing on tasks like working, cleaning, homework, studying, etc?

then this is the game 4 u!

PomoFarm is the hottest new focus timer idle game hybrid to play while you do other things

things you can do while playing PomoFarm:

  • clean the toilet
  • fill out boring paperwork
  • polish your shoes
  • ace that math test
  • impress your boss with record-breaking output
  • probably more things


  • 60 crops (some may or may not be crops)
  • 4 friends that hang out on your farm
  • 68 skills to unlock
  • tomato the duck
  • 4 seasons with their own sets of crops
  • intense timer action
  • cute pixel art graphics
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, Animals, calm, Cute, Farming, Gardening, Idle, Retro


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Hello! I was just wondering if there's a Mac version of Pomofarm on itch? And if I have it on Steam already if I can request for a downloadable version here on itch? It's just that I find it a bit distracting to have Steam open whenever I open Pomofarm XD Thanks! Love the app btw! :D

There isn't a Mac version currently uploaded. You can check to see which files you get when you purchase something under the Purchase heading at the bottom. That said, maybe they'll be able to upload it for you.

I found a bug: when I opened the game at the beginning of the winter season, there was no gift box with my starting peas in it, which means I can't buy any crops or plant anything for this season. I'll see if it resets once it's back to springtime.

I've been using this a lot! It really is helpful for keeping track of when to work and take a break; I was using webpage timers before, but for some reason they never seemed to want to go off reliably and the tab tended to get buried with the rest.

It's a bit unusual for a game of this size, but might I recommend a bit of DLC? Once you unlock everything, there's nothing incremental you can spend your peas on. I'd be more than willing to pay a few more dollars to add in, say, ways to buy outfits for all your cute pixel friends, or decorations for the farm. (I actually delayed clearing out my entire field because I liked how some of the "obstacles" looked.)


this is so cute! It’d be nice if it was also available as a mobile app on android/apple though 


Thank you so much for making this!! I've been using it as part of my creativity streams and everyone loves it~ 🍅💕💕💕


When will apple version be released :'0

Will there be any updates to the content?

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Can't afford right now but maybe soon I hope :) 

The more game-ified poms, the better!

grow veggies (and others) and wait but in a cute way<3

Hello, I downloaded this game and have really been enjoying it, but when it turned from Spring to Summer for the first time I lost all my peas.  I can't remember what the tutorial said about this.  I have 3 peas now, is this how the game is supposed to work?  Thank you!

Very belated, but you can find some of the rules if you click on the question mark from the calendar screen. One of them is that your mature crops are converted into peas at the end of a season, then every 300 peas are turned into one snail. All extra peas are lost.


demo pls




You’re a genius!

Great game, ¿Which engine  this is running? Really smooth frame rate.


amazing game, just purchase it guys. you will love it, Cute cozy game to relax and have fun


4:20!!! Love the pic lol


This looks like a Mobile game if ever I've seen one, bring it to Android etc


would love to try this on mac so I don't have to get steam on my work computer 😊


Any possibility of a demo?


i would also like a demo, it sounds pretty enjoyable tbh and i really wouldn't mind spending the money


Dude, its only 5 dollars lol. I'd rather see more content/product support than engineering a demo of a 5 dollar game. Js


[seraializefield] private bool isDemo = defualt;
[seraializefield] private GameObject demoEndGraphics = default;

If (isDemo)
SaveScript.canSave = false;

Private IEnumerator DemoTimer()
demoTimeLimit = 900;
demoTimer = 0;

While (demoTimer < demoTimeLimit) 
demoTimer += Time.DeltaTime;
yield return null;

Assuming C# scripting and Unity
Slap on end of demo screen
Put a bool check when saving in the save script
Add this to game, check demo bool as true when you want to build the demo
Demo build in less than 30 minutes. Hell, only took me about 5 minutes to come up with this script. 
Cake walk


Why wouldnt you just yield return a defined wait for seconds the length of the demo? Took me less than 5 seconds to see redundant code. And i could rip it apart more, but ill have to charge you. You dont know how his game is structured, so your solution may not fit.


feel free to rip apart my 5 minute pseudocode, lol


i love this game! i've been using it at work and it's so cute and charming

This is a cool idea. I'll have to look into it some more...


made this list:


this is so cute <3 also working great on linux for anyone wondering! :)


What wine version & linux distro are you using?

hey! i'm on linux mint, using wine 5.0.


Would love a Mac version on itch. I don't want to install Steam on my work computer.


Do you expect to have a linux version in the future? Or do you know if the game is fine using wine?

hi unbreakable, unfortunately we don't have experience with linux and don't feel comfortable selling a linux version for that reason, if it works with wine we would love to know!

Is it possible to refund if it doesn't work?

of course! we actually just had another comment say that it's working great on linux for them! please let us know if you have any problems and we'll gladly offer a refund :)

Thank you for the quick answer! I'll give it a try when I get home!

Unfortunately It is not in a playable state on my machine/distro. Once I tab out to use another application I am no longer able to interact with the game. In addition I have an issue where I get black borders .

I downloaded the file but I can't figure out how to open it!! I unzipped it but the computer got mad when I clicked on the file with the app name. Is there a tutorial or something?

hey, so sorry about this! we are glad to help you out, would you mind providing a little more info?

are all the files unzipped into the same folder along with pomofarm.exe and what error message are you getting?

thanks so much <3!

Hi, on Steam it says the game should work on Mac as well, but I only get a Windows download here. Is there a way for me to play this on my Mac?

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hello, so sorry about this!  we have had a few users who have been unable to open the itch mac version, so we pulled it from the store for now.  right now, we are offering steam keys to mac users who bought the game on itch while we search for the solution.  there have been no issues with the steam mac build so far! 

please let me know if you'd like a key, or if you'd prefer a refund and again sorry for the inconvenience <3

That is a very kind offer, thank you! I'd love a Steam key.

please send us an email over at contact@wormpod.net from the email you used to purchase the game, and we will get you one right away, thank you! : ) <3


Hi wormpod, fellow indie dev here. We had a similar issue with mac builds on itch, we noticed that zipping the mac app removed nescessary flags for it to be run on the latest mac releases. Try packaging it as a .tar, that fixed it for us : )

Cheers, David

wow thank you so much for this!!! we will definitely try this, cheers! :) <3

Can't seem to get the game to open on my Mac, just says "the application can't be opened", hopefully there's a fix!

hi, can you try right-clicking and pressing open from there instead of double clicking?

Unfortunately it gives me the same message when I try that

you may need to change the settings on your mac to allow apps downloaded from anywhere. depending on the version of macOS it can be a different process but generally you'll want to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and then choose "Anywhere" under "Allow apps downloaded from:"

sorry for the issues you're having! i hope this helps!